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Welcome to Tech!

What should I post here?

Anything to do with Gadgets, Computers and Technology

The Sub-forums

- The Mobile phones sub-forum is pretty self explanatory, and is used for anything to do with Mobile phones, whether it'd be help with getting the best mobile phone contract for you or asking for recommendations on a phone.

- The Laptops, netbooks and tablets sub-forum is also pretty self-explanatory. Anything about Laptops, netbooks or tablets goes in there You may also ask for advice about a new laptop that you need there, and please do use the form provided here.

- And finally, the Webmaster, coding and software dev, which can be used for anything to do with coding and web-development.

Anything else, which doesn't fit inside of those sub-forums can be posted in the main Tech forum


And if you're in doubt about where to post, you may post in the main Tech forum and just tag me

Tech's Most Popular/Helpful Threads

- For any photographers out there, this'll be the perfect thread for you: Share your photography

- Do you need a new PC, post in the The PC Buying Advice Thread, and get advice for buying a new PC.

- Looking for a new mobile phone? Gofre's 2018 Smartphone Buying Guide!

- Are you looking for a new contract? Check this thread out first: Sheepy's 2018 Mobile Phone Tariff/Contract Guide

- Looking for some advice on a new laptop? Use the form found here, to create a post in the Laptops sub-forum, so we can assist you better

Want to keep updated with the forum?

Then why not subscribe? Click here to subscribe.

And finally, if you have any moderation queries, please feel free to drop a thread in Ask the Community Team.
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