Kezia Dugdale to resign as Scottish Labour leader

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Kezia Dugdale is expected to resign as leader of the Scottish Labour Party, Sky sources say.

She was elected leader in 2015 - after just four years in Holyrood.

Sky News Scotland Bureau Chief James Matthews, who broke the news, said: "I think she's simply had enough on a number of levels in a very difficult job." It understand that Scottish Labour members were told on Tuesday, and that a public announcement is expected on Wednesday.

In her resignation letter to the chair of the Scottish Labour Party, Ms Dugdale writes: "I've given this task all that I have. "With nearly four years until the next Scottish Parliament election, I'm convinced the party needs a new leader with fresh energy, drive and a new mandate to take the party into that contest."

Labour slipped into third place in the Scottish Parliament at the last Holyrood election, and won seven seats at the last General Election.

Sky News' James Matthews said: "There has been tension between the Corbyn camp and Kezia Dugdale. She has previously called him divisive and said that he wasn't the man to take Labour forward. As he gained traction within the Labour movement and the larger population, she said that he was an electoral asset."

I expected her to do this back in May after the council elections which saw Labour lose control of Glasgow City Council. While she had grown on me I don't see her as a Scottish First Minister, too young and somewhat weak when on stage with Nicola Sturgeon and Ruth Davidson imo.

I predict left wing Corbynista Neil Findlay will be the next Scottish Labour leader if he decides to stand which I think he may well do given Labour's gains this June. I can see him appealing very much to the working classes of the Scottish Central Belt. I can also see him and Corbyn having a good dynamic and getting on very well (didn't he help with Corbyn's campaign to make him leader back in 2015?) more so than Corbyn and Dugdale.

If Findlay doesn't stand then the moderate Anas Sarwar who's hardly an improvement on Dugdale or Jackie Baillie who's comes across as stronger than Dugdale but not particularly more likeable.
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She's a bit sidelined by the Davidson/Sturgeon combo, but she's decent and was growing into the role after a faltering start.

In terms of next leaders, the two main Corbynites are out. It looks a fight between Anas Sarwar - who is consistently crap - for the moderate wing, and Richard Leonard for the left. Leonard is a peculiar standard-bearer for the Scottish far-left: being both quite obviously English, a complete newcomer to parliamentary politics and also privately educated.

Jackie Baillie has had ample opportunity to stand in the past, so I don't see why she would now.

I can't see how Scottish Labour won't end up with someone worse than they have now.

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