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I'm currently about to start year 13 studying Biology, Chemistry and Physics. I was also doing maths but dropped it after the AS exam, in which i got a D. My problem at the moment is that I'm really struggling with physics as a whole, and I'm wondering whether to retake my maths AS exams, do AS physics next year and to do A level biology and chemistry. Would universities still accept me for a biology based degree (I'm thinking zoology at the moment) with only 2 full A levels? We did mocks in June (two for each subject) and i got an A, B, C,D,E and a U, in the order of biology (A and B),chemistry then physics. I was hoping that if i did take 2 A levels that in my exams next year i couod get an A in biology, B in chemistry and two As in AS physics and maths after working hard at them both all year. Is this a good idea?? Sorry for writing so much and any advice would be much appteciated!!😊😊😊thank you!!!
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I doubt it, sorry

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