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Year 10 Tips (and advice on becoming a doctor)

I am starting year 10 and I'm a bit nervous on what to expect..can I have tips

And I would like to pursue a degree in medicine and I'm not sure if I can do it...I need advice
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How comes you are not sure whether you can do it?
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it's tough and gruelling and takes a lot of time to become one and I'm not that smart
The workload for year 10 isn't that bad, you may just have slightly more assessments than you did in year 9. My main advice is to do your homework to a good standard and when revising for topic tests make notes that you can reuse as this will save time in year 11 from having to make more notes and resources.

For a degree in medicine you need a solid set of GCSEs with mostly 7's to 9's. As long as you work hard for the next 2 years then you should be able to go into medicine.

Good luck for year 10 - I'm sure you'll do brilliantly :biggrin:
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thanks Pumpkin Castle
get work experience
learn an instrument asap (idk why but admission tutors like it)
make sure you can get AAA (min) at A level
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thanks Gambit150
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Did you ever become a doctor? What are you doing now?
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Original post by m9mm
thanks Gambit150

Did you ever become a doctor? What are you doing now? 6/six/six/6 years later?

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