If your GF/BF exposed you to Hepatitis B virus through sex would you leave her? Watch

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(Original post by viviva)
I dont know..im really confused about everything and hence am here.
I'm sorry you've been put through this I can imagine you're all over the place atm. Personally for me and you don't have to agree but if I was having the doubts you are are about this girl and her integrity and her as a person then I would walk away before I really got hurt because I wouldn't be able to trust her again and I'd always wonder what if she's hiding something from me. but that's me, what you need to decide is what's going to be the best thing for you in the long run, forget about her and what she's feeling what's going to be the best thing for you in the long run regardless of how it affects others. Think about what you want. from what i read whether or not you choose to stay with her people's feelings will get hurt would you rather end it now or in the long run when you may be hurt even more? this is not a healthy relationship for you.
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You should trust her ...that's called the true love ...I agree she might have not disclosed but I'm sure the guilt is still there eventually turns out of taking care of you more than before....what else one wants ...when we are aware that Christ has forgiven who had crossed him..saying they do not know what they are doing...hence have a heart of Christ...every thing turns for good and you both Will enjoy your life well....cheers

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