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    How can i improve my activity reviews and get a higher mark? How can a animal shelter video advert be more about sponsoring? thanks..

    (Original post by Shiverhawk)
    How can i improve my activity reviews and get a higher mark? How can a animal shelter video advert be more about sponsoring? thanks..
    For the how it meets cab requirements section:
    My product meets the CAB requirements:
    - Explain how it meets the cab requirements
    - explain the impact on the viewer or user - eg for the spreadsheet it means data can be inputted easily
    - say how you did it - eg I used formulas such as
    - give examples of things eg formulas (add a photo of it) and explain briefly what this formula does.

    When it says how you acted on feedback:
    - state the feedback you got
    - say what you changed and WHY - eg I changed the colour of the logo because the text was hard to read before as it was in *insert font name here and specific details*
    - did you not change anything? Explain why - eg I didn't make the font bigger because the current size of whatever *details* means that it fitted nicely into two pages and therefore by making the text bigger, there would be a large gap at the end of the document which looks unprofessional
    - could again explain how, add photos of before and after ect

    When it asks what features you used:
    - describe the features
    - state the features
    - explain the impact of them - eg I added conditional formatting to the spreadsheet and therefore the user will be able to know whether they are in budget or not because if they weren't, it would be an unsustainable organisation
    - describe how you did it and give examples

    - explain what you did
    - describe the feature
    - explain why you did it
    - link the explanations to the context - eg you're running an animal shelter so link it to real life business eg if the advert is persuasive, it means that people are more likely to donate and therefore you could spend less money in the year or it could be spent on other things eg saving up for a play area for your animals
    - give specific details and examples
    - add screenshots
    - explain why you didn't do stuff if you did it
    - state the CAB requirements or feedback you got so it's clear what you're referring to.

    Example: On my spreadsheet model, I used conditional formatting in cell D11 where the profit it displayed. I did this by adding a conditional formatting rule that stated if the profit was 75% or above, the cell will turn green. If it is between 50% and 74%, it will turn yellow and if it is less than 49%, it will turn red. Therefore, the user will be able to see what level of profit they are in, and whether changes would need to be made. For example, if the animal shelter was in red, it would indicate low levels of profit and therefore they may decide to open a cafe to increase the revenue. They would not, however, reduce the purchases because the main aim of the animal shelter is to provide quality care and this should not be affected by the profit being made.

    Example 2: My feedback stated that I should make the text size bigger from size 12 to size 15 and I did this because it makes the document easier to read. Although, I did change the font size, I still ensured that the document was only two pages long by making the margins on the document narrow, and so more text could be fitted on the page. I also got the feedback to change the font style because it was difficult to read, however I did not change this because it was the same font size used on logo and therefore there is some continuity between the products. This means that it looks more professional.

    Example 3: The CAB requirements stated that the video must only be 30 seconds long and therefore I had to plan the content of my video, as exemplified in the plan. I did this to get an idea of the timings so that I did not overrun - if I had too much content, I may have had to reduce the timings or remove the slide which would either mean people don't have enough time to view crucial information, or key information had to be missed out. Then, I'd go into explain whether my plan and my video advert were the same, or whether there were changes and why.

    You wouldn't have to do that much detail, but some examples of how, what, why, specifics do help develop the point.

    In terms of the advert making it more related to sponsoring:
    - add a page,"Would you sponsor an animal?"
    - add some information about what the donation money would do
    - use the word sponsor/donate
    - give information on how to sponsor/donate
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