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Hey everyone..this is my dilemma.

I had 2 offers to read medicine both AAB. Liverpool and Leeds. Liverpool being my firm and leeds insurance.
Liverpool said if i dropped to ABB they will let me in for 2005.
But..i got BBB. UMS marks being 475,477,477. Had EVERY paper that the boards still had of mine i have.. 476,477,478 lol.
subjects btw are biology maths and chemistry, i have an a in AS geography too.

ok so thats that. now i have been writing a personal statement. which ive more or less done. i have a v.v.v. strong reference. i just need to know places that you people think i should apply too. i dont really have much of a choice..i want to apply to places where you think i have a good chance.. or places that you know people have been accepted as resitters.

these are places that have told me they accept resits.

PMS, Sheffield, BSMS, HYMS, Liverpool, Leicester

are there any others?

Also, can anyone tell me the chances of being accepted as a resitter? I mean altho these people take resitters will they only have a certain no of places reserved for them?


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forgot to say..

on my ucas form should i put that i have BBB at A2? or just leave aaaa at AS?

and also, should i mention something about resittin in my PS?

thanks again.

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Hi, sorry to hear about you missing your offers. Most places that do except resits will want you to get AAA, but that shouldn't be a problem seeing as you were so close this time.

Try looking here and here They are both forums for medical applicants/medical students.
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