The House of Commons have returned! Watch

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The House of Commons have returned!

What is the House of Commons?

It is the lower house of Parliament. It has 650 MPs (Members of Parliament) that meet in the Palace of Westminster to debate and vote on items, and also where they attend the infamous session Prime Minister's Questions every Wednesday noon.

What makes their return from recess so important?

Because at the moment, there is a hung parliament. If you don't know what it means, it essentially means that no political party has an absolute majority in the Commons. The magic number is 326 but the Conservatives achieved 10 less than that. Without a majority, implementing the government's programme becomes extremely difficult because the Opposition have the ability to block things that they disagree with. That's why the political pundits are so excited about their return. It's because important legislation regarding Brexit, such as the Great Repeal Bill could be going through some rough times due to it's controversy. Theresa May went to the country to try and increase her majority which would make Brexit legislation easy to pass. But now with a minority government relying on DUP support, some people are saying that they might have to water down their programme to prevent rebellion.

Will the Great Repeal Bill pass?

Because of the politics of Brexit, it is still likely to pass even with a minority government. But that doesn't mean that the government won't meet difficulties on the way.

Will the Conservatives' minority government last the full term?

Simple answer is no. Experts are saying around 1-2 years, perhaps when the Brexit negotiations conclude. It seems that the main focus is Brexit, so once this is completed they can go back to the country again. However, it could easily collapse within months or it could go on for the full term. Many people didn't think that the Conservative-Lib Dem coalition would last the full term but with the assurance of the Fixed-Term Parliaments Act - it did. So these experts could be wrong and it could end up lasting the full term.

What else do we have to look forward to once they return?

We have the Autumn Budget to look forward to (the first budget to be delivered in the autumn for over 20 years). It's expected to be delivered when the Autumn Statement had traditionally been delivered - that is November. The next phase of Brexit talks are likely to happen around December after the German elections starting in September.

Right, roll up your sleeves and get ready. Time for some discussion starters! Here's some:
1) Do you think that the Great Repeal Bill will pass? And why?
2) How long do you think the Conservative minority government will last? And why?
3) What do you predict will come up in the Autumn Budget?

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