Advice: Complaint with the Office of the Independent Adjudicator (OIA)

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I am currently dealing with the OIA after I made a complaint regarding my academic misconduct case. There were an array of regulatory failures from the university and I have argued that the original allegation should have been disregarded which was ignored and not investigated at the time by the university.

Currently I am in a situation where the university has been asked for information and it states on the complaints tracker that the university has responded on the final day of the deadline and the day after the OIA has had correspondence with the university. However I do not know what any of this correspondence was and was under the impression I should have been informed of any correspondence from the university to the OIA and vice versa. I sent my case handler an email seeking clarification into the matter, but nothing as yet and I am getting the impression I will not get a response.

It would be great to hear some feedback or advice in dealing with the OIA. I have read that only 4% of cases are deemed justified by the OIA and I want to maximise my chances especially given I feel I have a strong case. Furthermore should I have been informed of any correspondence between the OIA and the university? I was under the impression from reading the rules I should have done.
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Hi there,

Sorry to hear about your situation. Unfortunately, we are current students so don't have any specific knowledge on this subject. This question is better targeted to an official at the university. I would suggest ringing as this tends to be the quickest way for a query to be answered.

Sorry I couldn't be more help.

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