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Hey guys, masters applications are opening in 3 weeks time! I've been super worried that I may not secure any offers from the unis I've listed above for Data Science and Business analytics (ICL). It would be great if anyone could assess my chances. My profile:
1) retook modules in year 1 (due to extenuating circumstances), so i split my modules up to complete my degree in 4 years instead of 3 2) predicted to graduate with a 2.1 in Bsc Economics & Finance from UOLIP, with academic direction from LSE 3) investment banking internship with societe generale and consultant internship with AT kearney
4) letters from both firms I interned with on top of my 2 academic refrees 5) participated actively in school clubs ; IT club, data analytics club, held 1 leadership role
6) dance (ballet) competitively (national and global) and won numerous awards 7) assuming a decent personal statement. I have my plus but I certainly have my minus. Im afraid my year 1 transcript would prevent co-ordinators from further considering my application. I understand that the Data Science MSc in LSE and UCL is relatively new and have no information regarding acceptance rates. Hence, I am clueless about my chances. I aim to receive a conditional offer of a 2.1 or at least be placed on the waiting list. Any help will be well appreciated!
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I'm also applying for MSc Data Science and Analytics at various universities...what they are looking for is high grades in mathematical economics and econometrics modules (I'm also a BSc Economics student). So to try and answer your question...IMO if your transcript shows evidence of quantitive ability the more chance you have...also can you program? If not, really you need to self teach (Python and R) and showcase your projects it in a Github repo... here's mine if you want to take a look...

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