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So, I am taking Maths, Further Maths and Physics for my last year of A Levels.
In my Maths and Further Maths AS, I got AA. In my Physics mock, I got an A. And in Chem mock, I got a C/B and dropped it.

So I am predicted AAA. With achieved AAA
(most people get predicted grades above what they achieve :/)
I want to know if I should still apply to the A*AA courses I am interested in, like, how often will you get an offer if you are one grade below the entry req.

The reason I am still interested, is because I think I can hit an offer of A*AA given that I have one less subject this year, and my mocks + AS exams were 1 week before major surgery. I didn't ask for special consideration.

I am looking to do NatSci (Physics,Comp Sci) at some Top Unis like Nottingham,Durham,Warwick,Manche ster
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Hi there. If you apply for a course where you are not predicted to achieve the standard offer grades, then you are taking a risk and may well get rejected as the uni will take you predicted grades into account. If you did get an offer, it is likely to include an A* requirement. You have 5 UCAS choices, so I would suggest including AAA and AAB courses in your list so you have some applications to unis where you will achieve the grades and have insurance options. Remember that you don't have to apply to 5 at once. If you definitely want to apply to some high entry unis now, you could test the water with 2, and save 3 options for later, providing you do these by the 15th Jan deadline. You can also call NatSci admissions at the unis before applying and ask for their view on whether they give offers to AAA applicants. However I would advise to definitely include unis with entry grades you are predicted as you are much more likely to get offers. Good luck with it.

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