I want to research/study aging?

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Hello there! English is not my native language, sorry for the mistakes if there are any and also this is a long one.
I am currently 18 years old. I live in Turkey and I will go to the university next year.

My dream is about being a scientist in the life sciences(especially about molecular biology, biochemistry, genetics etc. So not like zoology or ecology.) and study, research aging.
But the more I research about how to have a career in biochemistry in academia, the more I see that I will probably end up miserable. Now, if granted that I will be able to study aging and be able to support myself, I am all in. I can even tolerate not having a family or social life. I can even tolerate not being able to do anything else except study aging.
But what scares me is that even after PhD, I might end up jobless. If I won't be able to support myself, I won't be able to do research in aging.

Ofcourse real world doesn't care about my dreams and I can not sit there with self pity. I am determined to do research about aging and thats why I started to consider another career path.

I considered medicine, but with those long hours of patient care, I am doubtful that I can do research in my free time. It is too much clinical work.
I considered MD-PhD. (I am not so sure about how that will work out, there is a lot of lack of information about it, especially in my country)
I considered chemical engineering and maybe specializing in biomolecular engineering, doing pharma work and maybe minor in molecular biology. But that is also doubtful. I might end up with little free time. (Surely it is probably better than a MD)
I considered doing something completely unrelated to the molecular biology such as computer engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering etc. But that is also doubtful that I will have free time to do research.
Also not to mention, I need to have laboratory equipment and resources in order to do experiments if I am not a scientist in academia. (in academia I need funding, but that's another thing)
So maybe I need to get rich.

But my long-term goals are not a issue for now, I just need to pick a college major for now. (I already take a gap year and I don't want to lose more time.)

My options for long term plans are:
1- Major in molecular biology or biochemistry, work hard to get a job and funding.
2- Major in something that is somewhat related to my goals such as medicine or chemical engineering, try to do research in my freetime.
3- Get rich by majoring in something related to biochemistry and molecular biology and then do research.
4- Get rich by majoring in something that is not related to the biochem and molecular biology such as engineering and do research.
If another option is present, please state that option for me. (By the way, please remember that my only issue for now is to pick a major. So if you can help me about that, considering my long term goal, it is highly appreciated.)

I am willing to do anything to achieve my goal (study/research aging) as long as it is moral.
Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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