Please help me: I have severe anxiety and start year 2 of Uni on Wednesday

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I am moving back to my Uni town tomorrow in a house I don't know anyone and I don't have any real friends on or off my course.

First year was very hard with my anxiety, I'm a guy on a mainly female course, one of the girls picked on me about my appearance, one girl always used to stare at me (I think due to my anxiety I draw attention to myself because of my demeanour, serious look and tense posture etc), and one guy is hyperactive and always says things which can be offensive and make me anxious.

The course is the only reason I'm going back, I want to pass it and get a job in the field, but I feel my anxiety which is further perpetuated by these people will make it impossible, especially as I have 2 more years of it.

It really affects me in lectures as that's where they are, and I come away feeling drained and dreading the next lecture, where I'll probably be even more anxious.

Can anyone please help
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Could you try joining a club that you enjoy to try to make more friends? That might give you something to enjoy. And maybe have you thought the girl who tares might be interested in you? It's just a thought but I know how bad anxiety can be so just message me if you need to talk.

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