How does the selection process work of BSc architecture? Please Help

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Hello everybody!

I am a dutch high school student, and I'm very interested in studying architecture at UCL, but I do not know how the selection process of this study works. So far I've read that you need to write an essay, and they ask people for interviews based on these. Around what time of the year do you have to turn in the essay, or do you turn it in along with you application? Around what time of the year are the interviews, and what should be in your portfolio? How competetive is the selectionprocess for this study? If I do not have anything in my portfolio right now, will I have enough time to work on it?
Any help is appreciated very much
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After making your application, if they think you can make the grades, you will be asked to complete a drawing task - this is done via email. After the drawing task, a cohort of around 1100 is cut down to 450 applicants. These 450 are invited to interview. Prior to attending the interview, you must write a second personal statement, which is submitted online. It is in the interview that you present your portfolio. It is one of the most competitive selection processes around - I think about 1500 apply for 100 places. And yes get working on a portfolio as soon as possible - but don't force it. With regards to its content, you might be able to see a few examples online, but you really should be trying to do stuff that sets you apart from everyone else. I'm fairly sure this is all correct, as far as I know their admissions process has not changed since I did it

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