Timetable Discrepancies /Anomalies Of Concern to Students UNO Bus Routes 653/602

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Perusing through the new UNO on-line and published timetable booklets I have noticed some discepancies/ anomalies that UH students returning back from Hatfield Rail Station, especially with the new term starting to the campuses should be aware of :

UNO`s online timetable has differences between both its default online screen and pdf version, which in turn is different to that published in their paper booklet:.

653 - Mon-Fridays- last bus shown online is 21.50, 20.50 in the pdf version and booklet : On Sats. 20.50, 21.50, 20.50 respectively : Sundays/public hols 18.15, 18.15, 19.38.

I have been in contact with UNO regarding this and am told the following times are correct:

Mon-Fris - last 653 from the rail station back to the campuses is 21.50.
Sats- 20.50 : and Suns/public holidays now as early as18.15 . (Arriva 301 service runs later but not frequently ) So those of you returning from summer leave will see that the later UNO Sunday/ph evening 653 services have been cut back yet again. There is the last Sun/p.hol UNO 602 to Watford and return via the campuses from the station at 19.09, stop 2.

As to the 602, I have mentioned about the reinstated service ( see my previous recent articles) to and from the rail station to the Business Park Sundays/ph`s, useful for students living in the Garden Village estates. Again there are anomalies: UNO`s timetable shows the returning service to the B.Pk. as from stop 2, Hertfordshire County council`s from stop 4 (which is the one used for the remaining Mon- Sat 602`s returning via the B.Pk. to the bus depot in Gypsy Moth Way at 21.37, 22.37. 0037)

I have informed both UNO and Herts CC regarding this, and also the fact that both stops 2 and 5 at the station have not had the timetable displays updated although the others have.Hopefully these issues will be resolved sooner, rather than later.

My advice is to look at and heed the HCC electronic display board which has been updated as you walk outside the station to the bus stops, with the exception of the reinstated Sunday /ph 602 returning to the Business Park- until the stop anomaly is sorted out most buses are using stop 2, which is the one on the drivers` duty route card. And bear in mind as a rule of thumb the 602 & 653 Sun/p.hol services are leaving the rail station around thirteen minutes earlier than before the August timetable changes.

UNO info on www.unobus.info : Herts County Council travel site with all timetables including the Arriva 301 on their own intalink site www.intalink.org.uk

Note- the £1 in Hatfield fares for UH students are only valid on UNO buses, not Arriva who run both the 300/301 & limited stop Greenline 724.

Additionally note that the 300/01/724 do not call in at The Forum in College lane, the nearest stop is The Galleria about eight mins walk away. For de Hav, use the next stop at The Comet Motel almost opposite de Hav, ( except for the 724 which if I remember right does not stop here) or continue on to the next stop Ellenbrook Lane by the side of The Sports Village around a couple of mins walk from the western end of de Hav.The 724 Greenline also stops here.

While having twenty minutes or so to spare between trains at St. Pancras last Sunday, I picked up a copy in Smiths bookstall of Today`s Railways - UK Sept. issue in which if anybody is interested, there is a very detailed article ( pages 56-59) about the new cross London services that includes Hatfield starting next May- the biggest changes to the timetable since electrification in 1975-77. Further info on www.transformingrail.com and www.hatfieldrail.com

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