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Well I got my A Level results and, got 3 D's and couldn't meet the conditions for the good universities. By the way i am from Pakistan. I want to have a good bachelor's in Real Estate plus finance to be open for more than one career. Now I am planning to take a gap year or to move look for some other country like australia to do my bachelor's. With a detailed research I found out 4 Program which really were the most suited to my requirements and will apply next year. No.1 applying to Ucl in the course of Planing and Real Estate. No.2 Bachelor's in Finance and Investment in Property Henly Business School, No.3 MA in Finance and Real Estate in University of Aberdeen. No.4 Bachelor's in Property and Real Estate with a major in Finance from Daekin University in Melbourne. Currently I do meet the requiement for the Daekins bachelor's degree and I will be starting it this year. Plus one other advantage Australia has is that there are high chances of jobs after graduation but in UK the international students are mostly sent back after there graduation, but don't know about the post Brexit conditions, there might be some leniency for the Commonwealth students. Your comments would be really helpful in taking my decision.

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