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So basically I've been looking into the concept of memory recently (for a psychology course) and I'm starting to feel as if I have some kind of memory condition, specifically 'severely deficient autobiographical memory'. The problem is that the only experiences of 'memories' I have are my own so I've spent my entire life assuming everyone else experiences memories the same way or at least similarly to the way I do, but recent things I've read have started to lead me to believe otherwise. So if anyone could answer some or all of these questions just to give me some perspective I'd be very grateful.

1) How do you experience memories in general? Is it exactly like reliving real life? What aspects do you remember: sights, sounds, smells, feelings?

2) How do your memories compare to your imaginations i.e. when you imagine what you'll do in the future or when you read a book and create imaginary situations how do these compare to your actual memories? When people tell you something happened in your life but you don't remember it, do you then create a memory and if so how does this compare to your true memories?

3) Are your memories in the first or third person? If the answer is both then which situations generally have these specific points of view?

4) Can you remember exactly when your memories happened, the dates or days of the week? Can you tell when your memories happened in relation to each other, like there's a clear timeline in your head for your memories?

5) How much detail do your memories contain? Can you remember things like what clothes people were wearing or things in the background of rooms?

6) How much of your life can you remember? I appreciate this is very hard to say with any accuracy but even something like how many memories would you say you have per year, or how far back do you remember would be interesting to know.

I know any answers to any of these questions will be unlikely to apply to every memory you've ever had but I'm just looking for some kind of rough overview to work out what's normal for different people. Thanks for any help.
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i experience memories in my dreams

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