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What jobs can you do with a level 3 extended btec in health and social care?

Ones involving children mainly
Original post by YasudaSayo
Ones involving children mainly

children's nursing
child care
There are a few things such as a care worker in an old peoples or disability residential care home or respite service, a health care assistant on a hospital ward or at a pharmacy/ walk in centre. You could work in nurseries or schools as a nursery nurse, teaching assistant at the discretion of the school as they may prefer a level 3 in childcare.
With further study at uni you could be a nurse, teacher, social worker or any health care professional like an occupational therapist or speech and language therapist. Basically the world is your oyster. 😊
Care Worker.
Nursery teacher.
Social Worker.
Children Nurse.

Anything involving children or elderly people.
Physiotherapy, child care, nursing, midwifery, social worker, paediatrician, career, psychologist, midwifery, nutritionist, dietician, counselling, anthropology, radiography, therapist the list goes on.
I hope this is of help :smile::smile:
Original post by YasudaSayo
Ones involving children mainly

Not just jobs involving children, but there's a wide range and variety.:smile:
I'm doing this course also, so I have researched on this.
HCA , Nusery Worker, Go to uni to study nursing , early years development, health visitor, school nurse alot.
Would I need a degree in nursing for this
Original post by Louisa1234567
Would I need a degree in nursing for this

Yes or you could do a nursing apprenticeship
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Hi i am doing BTEC Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma in Health and Social Care i want to become a child psychologist would i just need health and social care to do that as in my course i learn psychology and sociology perspectives.
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Care Worker.Nursery teacher.Social Worker.Children Nurse.NurseAnything involving children or elderly people.
I am pretty sure you need a degree to be a social worker?
I work as a healthcare assistant in a mental health ward, you can do that with a level 3, but would likely need some experience in a care home beforehand

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