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Hi, would appreciate any feedback on most recent LNAT practice essay I did.

Also, does anyone have any advice regarding structure, as this is something I struggle with when writing these essays.


Should the display of religious symbols in schools be banned?

Rather than arguing that the display of religious symbols in schools should be banned, I will argue that they should instead be encouraged. This is due to the fact that the display of religious symbols in schools can develop children, and their views, positively and so should be encouraged. Religious symbols refer to symbols which have religious connotations attached to it, such as The Star of David.

To be able to come to a conclusion on what should and should not be permitted in schools, it is important to consider what schools are, and the purpose of them. Schools are institutions of education, where children go to develop the skills needed to be able to prepare them for life. Examples of these skills include reasoning, critical thinking and social skills. The purpose of schools is to prepare children for life, but importantly to provide them with information to be able to make decisions later on in their life, as they near adulthood.

This leads into the first point, which is that religious symbols should be encouraged, rather than banned, to promote an appreciative culture amongst our children. This refers to children being able to truly appreciate different views and opinions within society, so that they are not alienated by them when they first encounter them. If religious symbols were to be banned within schools, then it would mean that children who might not be as exposed to other religions, would have an incomplete understanding about them. By encouraging religious symbols within schools, it teaches children of the many different religions, and ideologies, that exist within the world- teaching them the skill of empathy. If religious symbols were banned it could possibly lead to intolerance amongst different groups within society, as they were not fully educated on other cultures and beliefs.

Linking to this, it is important for religious symbols to be encouraged in schools to promote the mixing of different religions. If children are more comfortable being around religious symbols at school, it would mean that when they would be able to integrate with those of different beliefs much easier later on in life. This is particularly needed in modern day society with multi-culturalism more prevalent than ever, and so instead of hiding religious symbols, they should be encouraged within schools.

It may be claimed that religious symbols should be banned in schools as it should be up to the parents to decide the extent of their child's exposure to religion. However, with this, there is also the possibility of the parents preventing the child from finding out about religion. By encouraging the display of religious symbols in schools, it means that every child will be exposed to the concept of religion, aiding their development. Surely the job of the parents is to provide their children with the best tools to make informed decisions about their lives, and so they should be working together with the school to achieve this.

It is important to note that there is a difference between religious symbols being displayed in a school, and certain religions being advocated to children (which should be avoided). However, the question of the matter is to do with the display of religious symbols within schools, and by simply displaying them within schools, a statement of acceptance is sent out. No child or person should have to feel the need to 'hide' their religion, so why should religious symbols be effectively hidden as well, from the public eye.

To conclude, the display of religious symbols should not be banned and rather encouraged. This is for the reasons of promoting awareness regarding different beliefs, acceptance and empathy. These are skills which schools were built to teach, and so the display of religious symbols should not be banned on the basis of fear for the child. As long as no one religion is advocated by the school, to the child, then there should be no problem with the display of religious symbols as it only promotes good qualities.

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