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Hello Im think of taking human bio early entry but the problem is that people say that human biology and biology are the same? Are they or they are completely different subject! Like for university in the U.K. Would they take biology as a separate subject and human biology? Please help me!!
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For GCSEs it doesn't matter so much, however in terms of A-levels, Biology, Human Biology, and often PE, are considered to have significant subject overlap and aren't considered "separate" for the purposes of determining whether you have taken the minimum number of subjects required (normally 3 A-levels).

However for GCSEs, I believe either would be suitable if you're doing three individual sciences and deciding between Biology and Human Biology - you could do both but they probably won't consider them separate as above. But equally, few universities are interested in individual GCSE subjects beyond Maths and English, except UCL (which has a langauge requirement, although this can be fulfilled after starting there) and for med/vet/dent where they often require specific grades in double science or equivalent.

On this note, if you are considering one of these, it may be worth emailing some universities' medical schools admissions tutors to check if they are equally acceptable (I imagine they are for med and dent, but vets may or may not accept it. It's likely they will though as it's fairly preliminary knowledge at the GCSE level and most of the core content will be introduced or expanded on in the A-level in Biology).

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