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I feel very strongly about this, that no matter what age you are in a job, that pays minimal wage. The wage should be £7.50 no matter if you're under 18 or 25 and over.

In my current job position, and even though I'm 32, we have a lot of younger employees that are like 17-20 years old, doing exactly the same jobs as I do.

Now currently here in the UK this is the structure of minimal wage...

£7.50 for 25's and Over
£7.05 for 21-24
£5.60 for 18-20
£4.05 for under 18's
£3.50 for Apprentices

I believe even if the younger person is still living at home, they're entitled to equal rights of pay.

The biggest problem with the current structure is Ageism whilst companies won't admit to it. Ageism still plays a role in employment even in minimal wage cases.

This is a problem a lot of older people face when applying for jobs, somebody once told me. Once you reach 35, you're classed as too old, when applying for a job, especially in area's like retail. You are fighting against much younger generations.

Not because they can do the job better than you, but because the companies will be able to get cheaper labour out of those younger people. By paying someone £5.60 rather than £7.50

The Minimal Wage structure needs to change and hopefully will make companies more fair on age of the employee.. and give younger people more job satisfaction.
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It's frustrating the pay is not equal - an 18 year old can have the same bills as a 25 year old however earn less. One advantage is that companies are more likely to hire younger people, giving them experience.

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