A*A*A*A* and S, S at STEP

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Since everyone is doing it, I will do one too. I will hopefully write an entry every Thursday and stay motivated.

About Me

I'm an international. I'm homeschooled. I like playing racquet sports like badminton and tennis. I do maths in my spare time even though I have wide range of interests including programming, music, reading and sleeping.

IGCSE Grades

5A* 2A with A* in further mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and computer science. A is in English (first) language and Geography.

I am taking 2 more IGCSEs - mathematics and accounting this October. I am hoping that I end up with 7A* 2A.

Current Status

Right now is the Olympiad season in India. I've just passed pre-RMO which is a qualifying exam for RMO. RMO is the equivalent of BMO1 in UK. I hope that I will qualify. INMO (BMO2 equivalent) is the ultimate goal for this year. Here are a couple past papers if you are interested - 2014, 2017.

I haven't been doing anything related to AS lately. I got all the books and have just skimmed them. I have to say that I'm pretty disappointed about the difficulty of AS levels. I expected a huge jump but I really don't see anything different. It's almost just like the IGCSEs. In fact IGCSE accounting is more difficult that AS Physics.

Ever since I started schooling, I hated the exams. I never studied for them. The same thing happened with IGCSEs. I rushed them in 2.5 months, studying barely 15 days per subject. But after realising how important IGCSEs were and how silly was it of me to not study for them has changed my attitude. Once RMO gets over, I will do the reverse of what I did before. I will finish off AS levels in 2 months and then do 2 more months of revision. And then just relax and focus on more interesting things.

STEP Preparations

I will not be doing any preparations until end of AS levels. I will be studying A levels and STEP simultaneously. Currently at least, STEP III is beyond my abilities because I don't know much of real analysis. However, on the bright side, I can solve a few STEP II problems (non calculus ones).

In my opinion, STEP problems are bit more challenging than AS level but generally contain several hints in the problem statements.

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