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    First off, I'll just say that I'm not homophobic and I personally couldn't care about gay people in the same changing room as me.

    However, I have just thought:

    We segregate men and women's changing rooms because we don't feel comfortable changing around people who could get aroused by us. However, as more people are coming out as gay, doesn't this rule still apply to men who are attracted to boys? We have the separate changing rooms in order to hide ourselves from those who would want to see our private bits, but having gay people in the same room defeats the entire point of segregating the rooms, surely?

    And I know someone will come out with "OMG ******* gay people aren't attracted to every guy they see". I'm not attracted to every girl I see, but I'm still not allowed in the girls changing rooms.

    Also, if the reason that we're segregated it so that everyone with one set of genitalia go in one room and everyone with another set of genitalia go in a different room, doesn't this discriminate against transgenders? And surely it's just discrimination for the sake of discrimination between sexes seeing as we're separating the changing rooms no reason.

    Traditionally the reason was to 'preserve innocence' and simultaneously make sure that nothing of a sexual nature occurred in there. This is because everyone was expected to be straight so those enforcing the rule had no issue with it. Of course nowadays changing for PE can be a really damaging environment for trans people and those struggling with their gender identity. In an ideal world a changing room with separate cubicles for everyone would solve these problems, but schools just don't have the funding. Statistically the majority of people in changing rooms will be cisgender heterosexuals which is why authorities decide to spend their money elsewhere.

    If you want to go into a female changing room you could always just got for it, anyone questions you just say you identify as female.
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