Global or American politics at a level?

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I am about to change my subject philosophy to politics as I love the subject and was not particularly interested in philosophy when it came down to it. What I want to ask is whether to study American (Supreme Court, constitution etc.) or global politics. Our school everyone does British politics in the first year and then follow on with either American or global. But these decisions are made now. Has anyone studied neither global or American politics at a level? Was it hard? Would you change it? Would you recommend it?

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I’m in Year 13 at the moment studying US politics I’m with Edexcel.
While, I’ve only studied elections and the constitution at the moment, I have gotten a feel for the course. I can’t say much for global but I think it’s where your interests lie.
US politics, in my experience, is a lot about Supreme Court cases, legislation, legal loopholes etc and has a fair amount of law based knowledge so if you’re interested in that you may enjoy it.
But you get to study lots about recent examples, especially in the elections topic where you get to delve into the 2016 presidential campaign. It’s all very current and quite fun.
It’s the same layout as UK politics but with a module on race too.
It’s definitely harder than UK politics but it is fascinating and not terribly difficult. I love global politics but I’ve not studied it, although I do love this module.

I hope this has helped somewhat and you find someone who has studied the global side.

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