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I am currently studying my second year at college, however looking to study in America, how would I calculate my grades I currently obtain through education up to this point and convert into a GPA for my applications? x
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GPAs are often calculated different by different colleges in the US anyway (such as some using weighted GPAs and some not) and the British system doesn't exactly match up to the US system anyway (there is no A* in the US, and some places don't consider +s and -s on grades - however the A* is not the same as an A+ and is in fact a separate, higher grade. But equally, this doesn't mean the A is equivalent to a B in the US, as the fundamental way grades and rubrics are set out in the UK are very different, as are the assessment methods).

I would suggest you contact the colleges and universities you're looking to apply to and ask them how they want you to show your GPA. Applications to colleges in the US are normally done. Most major universities will probably have some experience of UK applicants (certainly, the Ivy League and comparable institutions definitely will, as will most likely the larger/better state schools like the UCs, UVA, Penn State, UMich or UIUC). This removes any ambiguity from what you should be doing, and ensures you don't jeopardize an application by appearing to falsely construe your grades (which you wouldn't be, but it happens and that can be an outcome). Also most colleges in the US are applied to directly (with the exception of those that use the CommonApp, which is a growing number but doesn't include all of them) so you need to comply to each individual's format, rather than applying one to several.

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