A-Level Psychology [HELP // CONFUSED]

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So I am currently doing AS English Language, Media Studies and Film studies at AS-Level. I was wondering if dropping Film and changing it to Psychology would be a good idea? I'm just wondering because none of my other subjects are scientific and apparently there's Maths involved which i'm terrible at (I did get a 5 at GCSE). Would I need Core Maths at A-Level to move forward with Psychology if I decided to?

On the contrary, English, Media and Film all work very well together but I feel Media and Film have the same sort of skills? I have some sort of idea what I want to do when i'm older (Probably a journalist, but I have been interested in the human mind and human behaviour for a long time) and i'm currently very indecisive. I'm worried about making the wrong decision and as pretty much all of my subjects are linear, I can't change or drop any after AS.

I want to pick a range of subjects that allow me to gain different sets of skills (English is obvious, media is analytical and Psychology is scientific + Mathematical). Media and Film seem to both be analytical and I want advice on what people think I should do.

A lot of people already think that Media and Film together aren't good and there is a lot of taboo about both subjects together as separate A-Levels.

Is it random to do 2 English based subjects and 1 Science based?

I've read a million different posts which give me so many mixed signals; Lots of people are saying Uni's only accept you to Psychology if you have a Science or Maths A-Level along side? Apparently Uni's only accept you to some things with social sciences? Apparently Uni's prefer you to have Maths? Reading all of these literally makes me question everything i'm doing when they seemed perfect to begin with.

I know this whole thing probably sounds bizarre, but i'm being pressured into all sorts of different things. I don't want to seem like i'm picking Media and Film as an 'Easy way out' because I like to challenge myself. I hate doing things just because they're easy but then picking Psychology alongside English and Media seems rather anomalous?

What do you think I should do? Should I stick with the subjects i'm currently doing? Should I change Film to Psychology? I like to be creative but worry it wont get me far? HELP
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Have you looked at uni course requirements for psychology? It's much better to check these things out for yourself. Go onto the UCAS website course search, find psychology degrees, and look up the requirements, and then you will be in a better place to decide. You may find that some (often BSc) are more scientific, and may require science A-levels, but some (often BA) are less scientific. You might find it helpful to look at the course contents to find courses which interest you - there is quite a wide variation.

Film and Media do sound very similar, so swopping one may be a good idea, but only if you think you would enjoy the new course and it leads to where you want to go - or at least in the general direction!

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