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What are some "red flags" that I could be feeling that mean I should see someone? watch

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    Im a second year uni student and I havent been feeling great recently. I dont really liek my uni and I feel pretty badly homesick even though I've been coming here for over a year now minus holdiays. I struggled through my first year but I feel like I dont have the energy to go on to Christmas in about two months, let alone till the end of the year.

    I've been feeling really tired recently, like I'll wake quite early around 6-6:30 and it'll take hours for me to really feel awake. Early in the evening I'll be hit by sudden tiredness and become withdrawn and unsocial. I've also been feeling a strange mix of anxiety/sadness/even despair in the pit of my stomach for a few hours a day. Its making me see the world through a negative lense and I feel paranoid and vulneable like something raealy bad is about to happen.

    Would these constitute "red flags" that would be worth talking to someone about?

    If you don't like your university or course, is it worth trying to transfer to another uni/course? I think that the cause of most of your worries is that you are unhappy with where you are, so if you can change this, you have more of a chance with your health.

    Are you eating and sleeping well? Try to set yourself a routine where you wake up and go to sleep the same time every day. You can try to control your body clock. Have you tried socialising and going to meet new people. If you can make more friends, it may lessen the feelings of homesickness.

    If these negative feelings continue, I would make an appointment to see your GP and they can help you from there.
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