2:1 Law degree, what job can I now get to benefit future LPC/Masters?

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Hello all!

I have just graduated with a 2:1 Bachelor or Laws (Hons) from the OU and have been working in a shop whilst studying part time. I am now looking for a job change to benefit my wish to study for my LPC and Masters in the future. (about 2 years time)

My question is which job role would benefit my future plans? I have been looking at legal secretary jobs as a way of getting myself in the legal environment.

What other roles are there within the legal secor which 1) I now qualify for and 2) will not be seen as a waste of time on my CV for the future?

Also how do I go about applying for these jobs? Look up local solicitors and tell them my situtation and send in my CV? I have been at my current job for 4 years and have no experience of the legal working world.

Studying with the OU has given me the theory side of my degree but I have no practical experience and this is what I want to work on now! It all seems very daunting.

Thank you in advance for your advice and guidance.

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