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Personal statement for Conservatoire .. hElp

Aaaaah, so am applying for conservatoire for sept 2018 and I haven't finished my personal statement. My school aren't helpful because they're saying that conservatoire personal statements are too different to uni ones for them to know how to help... okay fiine but I'm stressed about writing one alone. My voice coach is also too mature in years to have any idea what it should contain (she never went to conservatoire anyway). If anyone could give suggestions of things to make sure I mention and a structure?? Heck I don't even know the word count 🙀🙀🙀!!!! 😣🤢🤢
Hi Suzannah,

Great to hear you are planning on applying to conservatoires for September 2018 and i'm sorry to hear that your school have not been very helpful!

I have found this resource on UCAS Conservatoires which explains the personal statement really well and breaks it down for you step by step, I hope its useful!

For the BA (Hons) Music (Classical) course at Leeds College of Music, they are mainly looking for the following in applicants personal statements:

Why you are applying for the course and what in particular it is you wish to develop during your time at the conservatoire. What is it about your specialism that interests / inspires you.

Your overall career ambition in music

Your current skills (mention the ABRSM Grade level or equivalent that you have reached)

Any musical ensembles / groups / orchestras you are a part of

Any performances you have taken part in, what did you learn from them

You can also mention extra curricular activities such as sports or other interests that demonstrate a broader range of skills

I hope this is useful, the main thing to remember is not to panic!! The hardest part is getting started so try and do this in plenty of time before the deadline which as you probably know is this Monday 2 October.

Best of luck with your application,

Emily, Leeds College of Music
Sorry, only just seen this! Some great advice above. Generally speaking, it should be more performance-heavy than a uni music PS - no need to mention wider reading, for example.

Sometimes when people are stuck, this is the structure I suggest to them (incorporating the elements mentioned above but in a slightly different order to written above. This is just a suggestion and by no means the only way to do it!):

1. Introductory paragraph. Ideas of how to start could be your first musical memory/the first time you encountered your principal instrument, and how it inspired you to perform. Also why you are applying for the course, though if it is lengthy, you could have that as paragraph 2

2. Performance experience on your instrument as a soloist. Any grades/diplomas, awards/competition wins, and noteworthy performances

3. Broader experiences as an ensemble player (if appropriate) and any noteworthy performances or masterclasses

4. Other non-musical stuff (this should be a shorter paragraph than the preceding two)

5. Conclusion, including career ambitions and how you think a conservatoire education will help you achieve this

Hope this helps a bit, sorry for only seeing it now. Good luck! :musicus:
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