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Well most people tend to do a straight civils degree even if they want to be a structural engineer, although structures degrees are out there. But if you want most otions do civil and if you then know you want to be a s. engineer you can pick the modules best for structural engineering.

I have just finished working for a structural engineering company for a year who did a minor amount of civils work too. On a basic level civils includes things more related to the environment, water, soils etc and structural engineering is focused on the actual structures - buildings/bridges. However neither type can exist without a real knowledge of the other type, so a structural engineer will understand all about soils/rock and the effect it has on his foundations for an office block, just as the civil engineer would have an understanding of the structural possibilities/limitations of his design for a dam.

Our structural company tended to do mainly buildings and limited amounts of work on roads/bridges. A more civil practice would do more work on infrasrtucture and environmental schemes, but as I say there is a fair amount of overlap.

All of the engineers in our office had a civil engineering degree, but had done their professional qualification with the IStructE, but they could also do the ICE one too and have joint membership.