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I am an IGCSE student, currently in grade X.
We have to describe an abandoned house
Can someone please guide me on what is wrong and what should I change in my descriptive passage. Also what grade will I get?
Thanks a lot!

In the lifeless woods on the outskirts of a lively city, lies an abandoned house, isolated, surrounded by mushy lands. The only source of light is the moon, glowing in the sky with no stars visible. There is an earthen smell in the area showing signs of showers that could have happened moments ago.
Upon getting closer the pale yellow paint on the house can be seen chipping. There is a door that is open and is hanging on one hinge. In front of this door lies a porch filled with holes tearing through the rotting wood. This porch is elevated by the small wooden stairs in front of it, these are filled with mud. The house has a few broken windows and has a lot of moss growing on it. The roof is dull brown in colour and is almost completely broken.
Inside the house, cold air can be felt. The floorboard is cracking and is wet. There is a stench of rotting food and wood. On the right of the entrance lies a dining table surrounded by fallen chairs whose fabric is torn and ripped. The table has a pot filled with food that has mould on it, the pot is tilted because of the broken table leg. In front of the table leg there can be seen a kitchen, inside which movements of pests is visible. Moving on the left of the entrance, first, there is an old shelf on which there are broken frames that have ageing pictures. The shelf has an open drawer, that is filled with dolls. Some have their eyes popping out and some have broken arms or legs. In front of this shelf lies and old couch which has springs coming out if it and has vines growing on it. In front of the entrance there can be seen a staircase with leads upstairs but it is broken in the middle and the area around it is filled with broken wood, screws and knives and forks.
The house is old and isolated but is it haunted...

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