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    I have had panic attacks since I was about 7 but I have never been diagnosed with anxiety, I haven’t ever seen anyone about it. But these past 6-9 months it’s gotten worse but now it’s when I talk to people, for instance if I’m centre of attention when talking I will go very very red in the face and sometimes cry. It’s the worst thing to explain to people because I’m not fully aware of the situation, also if I’m in spaces with way too many people I’ll panic and need to leave the room it really ruins my day I can’t do anything without being panicky. I told my mum but she wasn’t alarmed by it, sometimes she gets a little annoyed by it and treats it like it’s in my control but it really isnt
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    I used to have a similar thing but after a while of deliberately not avoiding those situations it slowly got better. Like before and after certain situations I would literally vomit with nerves. Unfortunately you just have to try to put yourself out there and keep bearing it, over time your mind will adapt.
    Being diagnosed with “anxiety” is pretty pointless. Everyone gets anxious at some point to a more or lesser degree and having it bad enough to get it diagnosed with some sort of condition won’t change that the best thing for you to do is get through it on your own. Being told you have a special condition may help you feel like it’s not your fault and give you something to tell other people, but it will also discourage you from pushing through and learning to cope. This may be more helpful short term but it’s limiting long term. I am so glad I actually learnt to deal with nerves as now I can do so much socially whereas if I stayed home clutching a diagnosis feeling sorry for myself I’d be much more sad.
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Were you ever put in isolation at school?
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