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Dealing with insular work colleagues? watch

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    Basically I get increasingly frustrated in my working environment because, although the work we do can be stressful (and it is dead-end), it is very sociable.

    The problem with this is, whenever we have like a debate (usually political in nature), a few of my work colleagues get very opinionated and almost 'high rate' and try to bend your point of view- exerting themselves on to you.

    Usually, I am very tolerant of others views, I am quite liberal, but this level of meddling and forceful opinion makes me wince and sort of back off even more.

    I kind of play devils advocate, and enjoy the intellectual rhetoric, whereas one particular guy has this fiery temper, and attitude as though he is right. Everyones opinion is valid and welcomed in my view. But he seems to think that if your of a particular leaning your a 'Commie' or a 'Marxist'- and generally jumps to conclusions.

    Additionally, a lot of the people where I work are the sort that aren't very well educated, but that as soon as they read a few articles online they are like the Master of Politics, and tend to sort of jump in and cut you off.

    Generally, I'm quite closed off with my opinions, as I don't like to be that guy. However, I am very well educated and whenever I do have my two pennies worth, they get defensive, and make every attempt to trip me up.

    How do you deal with such people? Do you tell them to just nip in the bud?

    I understand this seems quite trivial but it frustrates me when people try to push their unsubstantiated opinions on to me. Especially when, to the astute observer its obvious that they have no idea what they are talking about, and are embarrassing themselves.

    Some of these people are nice, but as soon as it becomes an opportunity to be arrogant and make up for their shortfall in their education or lack of they try to be something they are not.

    You have to entertain them and agree to disagree, even though you know its painful to placate them and justify something that is wrong.

    I know a lot more than I actually let on, but that's because I let the other person lead the conversation. I don't like to offend, but it builds up and up and I think, well actually your wrong there.
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    Rule of thumb I was taught is to never talk about politics or sex at work. Avoid it like the plague and you'll get along much better!
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