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Rip off - teaching hours per week watch

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    My daughter has 5 hours per week allocated on her 3rd year course at York University is this a record? What can we do to show our disgust £9250 per year!!!!
    9250/ 30/5 = £61 per hour per student to attend a lecture - nice work if you can get it.
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    I'm a first year and I'm in 11.5 hours a week which I'm really surprised at. And they aren't even full hours. Lectures finish 10 to the hour so we can get to our next lecture if we have one. They've all finished early too.
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    In third year you're normally expected to spend a significant part of the year working on your final year project/dissertation/thesis. This is usually at least equivalent to a quarter of your total workload, and sometimes is higher. For an "arts" course, having 5 contact hours a week and then your dissertation isn't unusual. I only had about 10 hours per week contact time, then my final year project, in engineering - however I was spending at least 25 hours a week on my project anyway. My physics friends had slightly more contact hours and less time on the project, as their third year projects were smaller scale and done in pairs, and then a much more expansive individual project in fourth year.

    I would be concerned if first year contact hours were that low, but for third year (particularly if it's the final year) that's not unusual and there is an expectation that students will be doing a significant amount more independent work. University isn't school - they're not there to spoon feed your information to later regurgitate, the focus is on developing critical analytical and evaluative skills and allowing you to use these in increasingly independent, student led investigations of areas of interest.

    edit: while I do understand the point of view in light of tuition fees, I would note that's a separate issue in itself entirely, and I myself also disagree with the idea of charging people for university, as well as the notion that everybody must go to university to be able to support themselves later in life. The combination of those two things are in large part to blame for the current higher education crisis we are facing. But if you put aside the fees issue, it is how final year (or penultimate year for 4 year courses) should be structured, broadly speaking.

    The time is meant for her to be reading for her dissertation and doing her research for her classes. 3rd year work load is intense.

    If she was in a full 40 hour week would you then be annoyed because she doesn't have adequate time for her final year assignments?
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