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    (Original post by Maker)
    Do you have any children?
    No I don't have any children
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    When I lost my virginity, I did not bleed so if you don't with him, that can't be used as a reason against you.

    I work in healthcare, yes you can look at anyone's records (within the healthboard), however, everyone has their own unique login and password and if you look up anyone who isn't your patient or you have no obvious reason for looking up, it will be investigated and you can lose your ability to practice and be stricken from your controlling body (NMC, SOR, BMA, HCPC etc) and will not be able to work with patients again due to the beach (worst case scenario). So I doubt anyone would worth risking it.

    (Original post by Narnz123)
    as soon as he sees ur sexual parts he'll know ur not a virigin. in addition to this u have to tell him ur not chaste because islamically a person who is not a virgin has to marry another person who is not virgin. think theres away round it though by telling my man u committed zina but not sure. also don't u think he's obliged to know that ur not virgin its abit peak for him if he didn't know ygm?
    NGL That is funny. How do sexual parts of a person who has had sex look like in comparison to person who has not?

    (Original post by DrawTheLine)
    No not true. Some women don't have hymens at all, and those who do may not break it ever. There's new evidence I believe that the hymen never truly breaks or something like that. So not all women bleed during their first time and that is not an accurate way to tell if they are a virgin or not.
    Well said. Hymens don't break, they stretch. When you bleed its nothing to do with hymen but to do with inexperience and lack of lubricant.
    (Everything you've heard is LIES and myths). ---
    What does it matter if you are virgin or not? - anyone who asks you about your sexual history i.e. male partner - I would consider immature. It's none of their business. You make your own choices and it's your life. Past is past.

    What matters is the here and now.

    You do not need to disclose anything to him and tbh if he cares about that sort of stuff then he clearly ain't right for you. You deserve to be with someone who is accepting and understanding of you instead of being a 'self-righteous judgemental' person.

    (Original post by DrawTheLine)
    How exactly will he know by looking at her "parts"?
    There will be a huge gaping hole. Promiscuous women have that. [his logic]

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    So I'm a muslim woman and I don't want whoever I marry to know I'm not a virgin, I would've come clean about it to the guy but alot are very judgemental towards non virgins even if they are not virgins even they still wanna marry a virgin.

    So if I marry someone who works in healthcare will he know I'm not a virgin because I took the morning after pill a few times (i got it by going to the pharmacy and also walk in centre).

    Before religious muslims start bashing me I don't have to tell my husband islamically
    Tell him. If he leaves then you have dodged a bullet. Having sex is not disgusting, nor a sin.

    Don't get married maybe?
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