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    My mom calls me and ugly and stupid .(even though I have stellar grades)
    (I do love my mom with all my heart)
    Because I play soccer and lacrosse, I sweat a lot. That usually causes me to breakout ;c. Every time I get a small patch of pimples on my face, my mom says i'm "ugly and that boys will just think of you as ugly because of your appearance and never want to get to know you". Also, she calls me an idiot every time I make a mistake.Most of the time she will pull my hair and hit me(even when I was little). One time I got a bad grade on a homework assignment, and my mom pinned my to a corner of the room and called me an idiot. I was only 9 at the time yet It always pops back into my mind(every time I think of this I get a throbbing sensation in my chest). I get jealous of my friends who have the "best friend" status with their mom. My mom even told me "Im not your friend". 65% of the time my mom talks to me, she just ends up belittling and yelling at me and I get very saddened by that. Sometimes I wonder if this women is even my mom. My mom always tells her friends to not give two shits on other peoples' opinion on you yet my mom makes me feel like wasted space.

    15%good job
    40%your so stupid
    30% your weird
    5%love you
    10% 5 min rant on why i'm ugly and stupid

    Im sorry about this rant and if i'm overreacting. I just have been feeling alone and empty these past few weeks. Even when imm surrounded by my friends I still feel alone. Im happy yet sad.

    PS my mom acts the same way to my brother as she does me. However my younger sister is treated like royalty. (But even my mom calls my younger sister fat)
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    I think your mom suffered when she was a little kid, maybe her mom treated her the same way she is treating you right now and your brothers.

    I think you should talk to her, it´s not fair what she´s doing, like a mom her job is to inspire you, motivate you and tell you how much she loves you. You don´t deserve to bre treated like that, obviously your´re not an indiot and you´re not ugly!!

    So I think you should talk to her and if you don´t want to do that, then talk to a teacher, someone you truste but it has to be an adult so they can help you!! You have to tell them how you feel, do it for you and your brothers!

    You´re not alone! You can do this!

    Good Luck!!
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