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Does he really love me or only for my looks/body? watch

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    Hi, I really need some advice on my situation. I met this guy about two months ago while on holiday, who told me he "fell in love" with me since the first second he saw me. However he had to go abroad for work, so we kept in touch since. We video call every now and then when we're both free, but I'm beginning to wonder how he really feels about me...

    -He tells me that I look beautiful all the time, and that he will never stop liking me
    -He texts me 'morning' and 'Good night' every day
    -He says he wants to marry me and start a family with me (I'm still a )
    -He introduced me to his friends and some family members through video call
    -He says he doesn't care about our age difference and isn't afraid to be seen dating a in public

    Here's why I'm confused about him -

    -Everytime when we video call, he wants me to put on 'sexy' clothes and reveal myself to him
    -He HATES me asking him questions, especially about his personal life. One time he was out, I asked him if he was alone, he said he was with friends. I asked him who and he got annoyed and said "Stop with the questions"...
    -He doesn't seem to be particular interested in my life; what I study, what my hobbies are, etc
    -He wants me to buy 'sexier' clothes when I video call him: thongs, long socks, lingeries etc -he even asked me to cut holes in my vest so he see my b***** clearer
    -Most times in video calls, he wants to see me 'play' with myself, which I feel extremely uncomfortable with it. I told him that multiple times, but it doesn't seem to make any difference.
    -He isn't very stable fincially - lives in his parents' apartment even though being in his early thirties and able to work, he mostly work as a freelancer or take low-paid jobs. (Recently he asked me to post my spare phone (iPhone 5S) via postman because he lost his, then the next day he went to buy nike trainers and two decent jackets...)
    -One time when I took my clothes off, he said I had a 'big belly'and wants me to exercise more (I used to go to the gym every day in the summer but stopped due to the workload I was getting).

    I feel like if I move on from him, I will be heartbroken because I'm afraid that I will never meet someone like him again. Though there is 99.99% chance that my parents won't approve him as a boyfriend... So I'm just wondering if I'm wasting my time on someone who likes me for my looks/body, if so, it will be easier for me to move on from him, I guess...

    Any help/advice will be hugely appreciated.

    Thank you.
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    Sounds like a holiday fling he's happy to keep at arms length and as eye candy.

    You can do better, don't feel like this guy's "the one"

    he's 30+ and lives with his folks still, guy's a waste and using you to get off when he's on video call.

    Are you sure he lives with his parents? Could be cover for wife/gf. Ask to go to his house some time and meet his parents, gauge the reaction.

    Does he always travel to where you live to "save you money"?

    He isn't interested in your life, that pretty much says it all.
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