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    Unfortunately I am in a difficult position of choosing whether to move schools or not. I am currently at an IB international boarding school in the UK which I moved to in the beginning of September (I’m in year 12 and am British).

    I have found the work there to be very challenging and have struggled particularly with my foreign language, Spanish. It is also a boarding school and I am a weekly boarder. My family live 12 miles away and it is a difficult to reach area of public transport so there is no possibility of being a day student.

    I have disliked boarding quite a lot, as my family are very close yet I can’t see them. I have found the workload very hard, and coupled with my desire to go into medicine it will only increase and could potentially lead to me giving up or getting very stressed.

    As a result, I contacted my old local state school (which I loved and went to for years 7-11) asking if I might be able to go back. They have looked at the timetables and said yes yesterday.

    Consequently, I am in a very difficult situation where I have to choose between my current school - where the teaching is better, help with careers and getting into medicine is very good and the results are also better (although the entry requirements to the school were higher than my old state school) - and my old school, where I believe I would have a better chance of getting into medicine (if I can get the grades) because I would have more time to work on my subjects (as I would be doing a-levels) and to get work experience, prepare for the UKCAT, BMAT, etc. I would also have more time at my old school to work for money, volunteer and get work experience.

    However, if I stayed at my current IB school, having the IB would make me stand out as a medical applicant.

    I really don’t know what to do but unfortunately I have to make a decision by tonight. In terms of a social life (which I do value), I believe it would be better at my old school as I would have more time, and my friends wouldn’t be boarding during the weekends which makes me feel left out at my current school. In addition, at my old school I would be able to continue with the piano.

    If anyone has any advice I would be very grateful. Thank you.
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    Go back to your old one. You'll be happier therefore your grades will be better and you'll get more out of your experience.
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