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I'm so mad at my parents watch

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    When a cousin abroad asks for new things, he gets it the next week. But when I ask for something, it takes me about 3 weeks to finally to get an answer out of my parents mouth, and another 3 weeks to actually get it.

    My parents are always so stingy, especially with me. When i ask for something, they always buy me the lowest quality things and if i ask for better things, they wont get it for me.

    I had asked them for a new bike 4 months ago because it takes me so long to get to school by walking 30-40 minutes and only yesterday they agreed.

    At the start of the year (year 12) I had asked my parents for a new notebook, as the school will not provide it any longer as i'm not in year 11. They bought one for 1 pound and when it ran out last week, they've been blaming me saying i'm wasting paper and haven't bothered to buy me decent books.

    I know the usual replies, "they probably find it hard to pay" and etc. BUT How is that when my cousins family asks for 13 thousand pounds, my dad and mum can get a loan to get it to them, but when I ask for a new book, which is about 3 quid, they cant be bothered to ****ing do anything about it?

    I get 6 pounds each week, and if i spend it on stationary, my parents complain. I cant work because "it would stop me from focusing in education" and this is stopping me from getting a good uni. Then presumably, when i dont get good work experience (i tried to work at a charity shop, which they didnt let me) and not get into a good uni, i'll be the one to blame.

    When i spent my money last time on stationary, they got mad and told me to ask them if i wanted things to do with education. But it takes them about 3 weeks to even consider it. So far since my book ran out (for examplE) i've had to scavenge around for extra paper and ask my friends, which is pretty shameful.

    I feel that they are being unjust.

    You get £6 a week and you're complaining
    People in the world are dying for food and water
    Be appreciative fool
Do you think parents should charge rent?
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