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I'm so mad at my parents watch


    (Original post by Anonymous)
    he's not prepared to listen to any of it. He's one of those people to think that reputation is more important than showing respect. He acts all good outside of my hhouse, but once inside he gives me 0 respect. He used to abuse me a lot, but after i grew taller than him and started to fight back in certain issues he stopped.

    My mum on the other hand tends to turn emotional if i bring up stuff that my dad does. Shes goes on about killing herself because she doesn't like to hear my complaints everyday.
    Just try and hold on for the next two years and definitely live out during uni. Also, there is only so much they can actually control you so get a job against their advice. Who cares? Your dad obviously cares too much about image and won't give you what you need.

    Be good to your mother still. I guess she is quite fragile due to having a dominant person controlling her for years. Don't complain to her and give her stress. Try and talk to your friends at school or siblings about it.

    Finally about the abuse. Well done for going through all of that. As it's in the past there is not much I can say about that. Perhaps protect your younger siblings if they're in harms way.

    Overall live a happy life for yourself. Don't focus too much on the negativity and have some fun.

    Good luck.

    (Original post by Sai4)
    So your own flesh and blood is less important to you than a bunch of bureaucrats who don't even know that you exist?
    I find that definition of state deeply discomforting. Perhaps it's due to the UK being a Kingdom? Don't you realise that the state is the collectivity? You aren't stealing money from the bureaucrats or politicians, you are stealing from the people. It's our (everyone's) money that fund the state, not the "bouraucrats'".

    My family has a legal and moral obligation to provide for my basic necessities. If they are in the financial conditions to do it, but refuse, it's within my rights and somewhat lawful to take that money. It's more "restoring the situation at law" than "stealing". On the other hand, taking money from a third party (the state, another organisation, or a very rich individual) is theft.

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    i literally dont know why my parents love them so much.

    Last year for my cricket team thing in school, i had asked my dad for a new bat (mine was getting small) and it tooks him around three weeks to finally get one and he got it as bargain from a local shop.

    But heres the real thing that absolutely pissed me off. Before we went to india, a week before, my cousin asked my dad for a new set of bat. The guys 8 years old, and is utterly rude to me and my sister and what does my dad do? He gets him a bat for 60 pound, with wickets and 2 sets of ball.

    I totally get annoyed by him and everytime he speaks to his sisters and brothers on the phone, they always ask for money and he just gives it over, but if my mum and me spend a little extra on groceries and snacks, its him biting up and arguing why we "waste" so much money.
    Maybe he is his natural son. He might have slept with his brothers' wife.
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    (Original post by usualsuspects)
    Maybe he is his natural son. He might have slept with his brothers' wife.
    sorry for my late reply, but no. pretty sure of that considering my parents ran away and married and also that they did it when they were 20 years old.
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