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Friends at uni watch

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    So I recently started uni and this girl in my halls is probably the person I hang out with most. However, I've realised she's always criticising me and telling me things about my personality. She mainly just points it out like 'you're so dramatic' or 'why are you getting up early again' etc and I feel like she's targeting me specifically even though she always hangs around me. I've noticed that she often criticises others as well especially before properly meeting them like the other day this guy talked to me and immediately after he left she said 'he's so weird. I don't like him' and she does this a lot. I know it's early but this isn't the sort of person I want to be around
    However I met another girl who I get on with but she's part of a friendship group and I like the other people in that group. They're similar to me and they have the same mindset and support. But I don't know how to approach them and ask if they want to hang out. I tried messaging one of them but she said she didn't want to and I tried sitting near them in lectures but because they're always together, it's hard to talk to them all
    I'm really confused what to do. Should I even bother approaching this other group of friends and if so how? I feel like because they've spent time together and have a chat it'll be hard for me to even be part of that group

    The first girl, it might just be her personality if she is like that with everyone, so don't take it to heart. I can understand that it might be hard to hang around such a negative person.

    The second girl, why not try hanging with her alone rather than trying to join her friendship group. You could invite her to spend time with you and your other friends (like cinema?). If you make good friends with her, she might introduce you later on to the rest of her friends.

    Another way is to try to attend societies and clubs. You can meet people with similar interests outside your flatmates and course mates. You may find it easier to make friends as people who attend will also be looking to meet new people.
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