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    I have just started at university just under 2 weeks ago, coming straight from school. I know this is very early to consider dropping out however I am having a miserable time. There hasn't been a day where I haven't cried and just haven't found people that I click with, despite everyone else appearing to have made loads of friends. They are either quiet and don't talk or are loud, popular and cliquey. My course seems interesting and I do love the subject, but I don't want to suffer for 3 years being miserable and depressed to be honest. I've joined societies but haven't met anyone I get alone with that way. The thought of having to choose housemates in roughly a month makes me feel sick to the core. I have a few questions about settling in / dropping out at uni.
    - how long did it take you to settle in? And we're you miserable at first?
    - when did you meet and make friends with your actual friendship groups
    - if I drop out, I'm planning on sticking it out until semester 2, and if I'm still struggling then will leave. Is that a good amount of time to wait, or too long or too short?

    Lastly and most importantly, if I do drop out, I want to go to a different university next September, but if I apply via UCAS, the deadline is October for 2018 entry to unis... if I dropped out in January how would I go about applying to unis for september 2018 entry?

    Thanks for any advice in advance
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    Sorry to hear about your situation.

    Hang in there, it's just been 2 weeks.

    Keep going, converse with people at lectures and tutorials, ask them them what they find about this topic, why did they choose that course and their ambitions for the future. I'm sure in time you'll click with a few people at the societies and clubs.

    You could transfer to a more local university and catch the train and back, a know a few people who went far then transferred their next year to a local university.

    If you choose to drop out, do it soon, you don't want to put on your CV that you wasted one year. And I believe there may be financial implications getting funding from SFE, you may just get the final two years funding (not 100% sure).

    I just dropped out of Durham



    Hey I'm hating uni too. I've made friends and stuff but I hate my course modules and I don't like being so far away. I rang up a uni closer to home today which had modules I preferred and asked if they'd let me transfer and they said yes. Now I've just got the accommodation issue. Maybe you could try transferring?
    If you're gonna drop out I wouldn't wait as I think if you drop out now you dont' have to pay your years fees, but if you leave it till later you will have to pay for the rest of the year!!
    Ultimately go off your gut instinct.
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