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Any of you guys T total while at uni?

I'm considering going T total. I'm not an alcoholic or anything but like most students I will go out once or twice a week. I drink a lot when out though, I don't keep track of how many drinks i have but it must be in the high teens or twenties.

When I'm drunk I do the dumbest **** ever, I will talk complete BS, I'll make up stories to make my self seem hard or cool or whatever ( i guess I'm insecure or something) I'll lie to women to pull and stuff (disgusting I know)
I am not in control when I am drunk and I hate myself the next day.

Last night I drank way more than usual and ended up getting aggressive towards people. Starting on everyone out smoking and subsequently got punched and knocked to the ground. I actually made up with the guy later in the night, he was alright.

I'm not very aggressive sober, I haven't been in a fist fight since primary school and I usually let things slide if provocted. But if I drink like i did last night I can become a complete A-hole.

I do despise my drunk self and tbh I feel like I'm not even having a good time when I'm going out nowadays. I feel like I wanna just got completely sober.

My pals are quite eager drinkers and do go out a lot so it might be a little challenging as tbh, Drink is what brings us together to socialise as sad as that might sound!

I'm keen to hear from any people on this who are T total? How do you find it? was it difficult to begin with? any real reasons why you are?


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