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Implant and Coil; what do i do??? watch

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    I am not allowed the hormone oestrogen because of the severe migraines it causes and because of the history of strokes in my family.

    I hadn't had a period in 3 months and went to the doctor who did nothing but give me a pregnancy test and the POP pill. Considering i went in there saying "I have had no period in 3 months and get severe migraines with contraceptive pill" for the doctor to turn around and give me a pill that "will make your period turn up god knows when, maybe never, but maybe make it unpredictable" and will also "give you headaches", needless to say i was friggin pissed.

    Anyway, i know that the POP pill is practically useless if you're not taking them 24 hours apart. which i wasn't doing. I was missing them, taking them at the wrong time, it just wasn't going well; so i stopped taking it. This was when i started bleeding. I figured this was my period, now making an appearance after 4 months. also thought, if im going to be on contraception i should go for something more long term. i opted for the implant.

    Nexplanon was inserted on 1st August 17 and the bleeding (which i soon got told was merely a withdrawal bleed from when i stopped taking the pill) stopped instantaneously and i felt truly blessed.

    until the 17th of august when i started bleeding. and now, 49 days later on the 4th of october, i am still bleeding. If it was spotting, like most doctors say, then i would happily stick with it. but this is painful, cramping, blood clotting, really heavy bleeding. for nearly 50 days.

    I know it can last for up to a year but i really dont fancy doing my first year of a levels a bleeding, snivelling mess because im sooooo hormonal i literally cry at everything.

    before the implant i had considered the coil because it has no hormone in it at all and it lasts for longer, i just worry about the pain, infection and removal.

    Maybe i'm overthinking it, and it might be worth it, but right now im still so scared.

    does anyone have any advice for me about the implant and what i should do about that? Its really messing with me and im not sure if its messing with me a normal amount or more than it should.

    if anyone has any info and advice and experience on the coil that will also be greatly appreciated!!!

    I had the implant and got it removed for that exact reason. I was bleeding all the time, so then had the pill on top to control it, which was making me cry like a baby at everything, so i said f*** it and went back to the pill for a few years. If its causing you discomfort its not worth keeping it. When i started travelling i realised the pill is not reliable if you can't take it consistently (especially traveling across time zones doesnt help)

    I then went and got an IUD last august, not the copper one but the mirena and its the best thing I've ever done. Its definitely not comfortable to get put in but I've had it one year and had no problems. Because its localised the hormones are much smaller doses which helps a lot - i still get small spotting every now and then but its almost nothing. Literally maybe one day a month. Ive had 0 infections or problems, the only thing was i got the strings cut shorter because my boyfriend could feel them at first - they soften after a while anyway. I had 1 scare where i thought it might have moved but that was solved by a quick trip to the hospital where they did an ultrasound and told me it was fine.

    Hope this helps, im happy to answer any questions


    This probably won't help but I have the copper coil and I absolutely LOVE it! If you have any questions I'd be happy to try and answer them.
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