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Anxiety - what should I do? watch

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    This is going to sound absolutely ridiculous to you but I'll say it anyways:

    So I really think I have anxiety because I don't know why, but every time I want to contribute in class, I get ridiculously nervous and my heart starts pounding really fast even though I feel that I have nothing to be nervous for since they're just my friends/classmates. My quiet personality is definitely not a reflection of myself as when I'm with my friendship group, I am very talkative.

    I guess it's just the thought of being judgement, which reduces my confidence of being able to communicate bravely...

    What should I do to feel more at ease, instead of being extremely nervous for the smallest things?

    Hi. That doesn't sound ridiculous at all. I'm unsure if it's anxiety but I think you should try relaxing in your class and speaking up a little bit each lesson so you feel more comfortable with it. Lots of people, myself included, feel like you sometimes but remember that no one is judging you because when other people contribute, no one judges them so why would they do that to you? I hope this helps and you feel better, just know that you aren't alone
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    To be fair I am the exact same apart from not very talkative I wake up and just feel empty and demotivated but hopefully it is just a phase and not permanent
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    If no one has said anything bad about you or laughed at you, there is no need to worry?

    Take it in steps, once you start contribute in class, your anxiety will go away.

    To feel more at ease, converse with people outside of your class so you know the people are friendly and hence you have nothing to worry about.

    Relax, imagine you're just observing or there as a traveller. For example, if you are on holiday, you go there to experience and observe the attraction, you're not going to get anxious doing that are you?
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