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    I guess I'm writing this more out of the fact that she hurt my feels, but basically, she told me that she is sexually frustrated because we only have sex like maybe once a month (or twice if that).

    Of course, I get that this isn't average at all for a young couple our age (early mid twenties), but I always feel constantly tired or not in the mood.

    I'm currently on anti-depressants, and quite stressed out over work and life in general. I work full time, and do shift work, so often work til late on a night.

    She's unemployed so is at home most of the time, either cleaning, applying for jobs or watching telly. So doesn't have to exert her energy so much.

    I'm basically usually tired or not in the mood to have Sex as much as her because the more she pesters me, the more guilty I feel (so I feel obliged to have sex with her), I feel bad so its more of guilty conscience.

    When I wanted Sex, it was always she wasn't in the mood. Or I just wasn't getting her off wrong, or she simply spread her legs and let me do the work. So I hardly felt attractive.

    What's more, she complains, as past few times I've only lasted five mins. I just don't have the stamina to go for the length of time she requires. Like because we dont have sex so much I get too excited. Secondly, I don't always last short time all time, when we first met, we'd have sex literally nearly every day, I could last 30-40mins.

    I guess I'm more out of shape than I was. I drink a lot and also with the depression and financial stress sex is harder than it was.

    I sometimes watch porn on my own, because I see it as less hassle then pumping away for 40mins and over-exerting myself- and her still been disappointed and I know how to get myself off. Sounds selfish, but at least it isn't a wasted effort on my part.

    Any advice?

    Sex isn't everything, and knowing that you're tired your girlfriend could try to be more understanding. Obviously her being at home bored doesn't help, and she probably sits at home waiting for you to get back as thats the most exciting part of her day.

    Have you spoke to her about how you're feeling? Maybe just say everything you feel and set up a date night or something where you can spend quality time together (doesn't have to involve something that has to turn into sex).

    You need to talk to her, tell her all of this.
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