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Scared about my doctors appointment being ages away (kind of) watch

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    Hey, this is my first post on this forum, I'm not on here to self diagnose serious illnesses or anything like that, I just have a slight worry. Some backstory:

    Recently I've noticed that my right upper eyelid droops more than my left, I also have a constant headache in the right side of my head/right eye and when I put equal pressure on my eyes my right eye feels "pushed out," like as if somethings is stopping me from pushing it all the way in, as well as weird sensations on the right side of my head in general i.e random aches and pains, when I turn my head to the left I get whooshing sounds in my right ear that are in time with my heartbeat (I don't want to say that it's pulsatile tinnitus since I haven't been diagnosed but numerous searches on the internet have allowed me to come to that to conclusion,) and when I'm wearing earphones the same thing will happen but, again, only in the right ear. I also keep getting weird feelings of my ears flushing out, and sometimes I'll go slightly deaf in one ear, with high pitched ringing occasionally accompanying it. Despite all of this I have noticed no actual impairments of my vision or hearing, like my vision is crystal clear and I can hear things fine save for the few occasions where the temporary ringing occurs.

    Bearing in mind a few weeks prior to these things suddenly occuring, I was at a friends house where her mother smokes. After a while I started getting chest pain located in the centre of my chest and it became painful to swallow and breathing felt like a chore. A few days later I started developing flu like symptoms, like a runny nose, phlegm, cough and aching muscles. This went away eventually but it seems to come back on occasion? Like now, I have a runny nose, a cough and phlegm. I also have a toothache at the moment and I read that it can be a side effect of sinus problems. Which is why I'm hoping is the reason for my seemingly alarming symptoms that have appeared recently. I am essentially scared something more serious is at play, like a brain tumour or an unruptured brain aneurysm. And I know it's a reach, but again, the internet tells me otherwise.

    Here's the thing. I phoned the doctors for an appointment and the ABSOLUTE earliest I could get is the 17th of October, and I am so unbelievably terrified something bad is going to happen to me before then, before I actually reach my appointment and even begin to talk about my symptoms. And I've started to get paranoid about an early death as a result of this, catching things out in conversation. I have work experience planned soon and my dad was talking about how I am insured for a lot of money or something for the school if something happens to me during work experience, and watching videos of me and my friends and suddenly wondering if it's the last time I'll get to do that with them. My mother is away for work business and I'm scared I won't see her before she comes back.

    Does anyone else get this? Does anyone else worry about this? Should I be worrying? I tried phoning for an earlier appointment like this week but there are absolutely no spaces left for me until the 17th and it feels so far away.

    I don't know what I'm asking, really. Reassurance? A sense of relating to other people? I'm sorry if this post is quite morbid, I really appreciate any feedback.


    I am not a doctor, and cannot definitively diagnose you (and even if I were, I wouldn't make recommendations over the internet). While I'm not going to postulate on what it might or might not be, both tumours and aneuryms are rare - it's far more likely to be a more common explanation.

    Still, you should see a doctor, as they will know what questions to ask you to get a better diagnostic picture. Call up your drs surgery every day, as soon as it opens. In my experience, most surgeries will keep some emergency appointments which can only be booked on the day, however, once these are gone they are gone. Also, at least at my surgery, any cancelled appointments are released first thing, on a first-come first-serve basis. You just have to be quick with these things.

    Failing that, is there a walk-in centre near you? You might have to hang round an hour or so, but you can get a same-day appointment easily.

    If that too is an issue, you can also ring NHS 111 and someone more trained than a stranger on the internet can give you appropriate advice.

    In my experience, the more symptoms a person has, the less likely there is anything actually wrong with them. More often it's a product of hypervigilence secondary to health anxiety.

    In the grand scheme of things, the 17th isn't that far away and hopefully the GP can relieve some anxieties.
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