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    Okay this guy is literally psychotic so we have to take everything he says with a pinch of salt if he said he had cornflakes for breakfast we should not take that for granted just that disclaimer first.

    So several years ago this guy tries to get in contact with me because he knew me in first school. We were not friends in first school we were worst enemies not that I hold grudges for what happened when we ten but worth mentioning.

    everyone tells me do not talk to this guy he is psychotic but like a complete idiot i think well he must be lonely and people judge me for been autistic I should give him a chance. simply terrible mistake.

    So it starts off with him talking about the time I bought a life gun into school (this should be obvious but just in case no I never bought a gun to school"

    then he tells me about my brother been engaged (my brother was not engaged at the time)
    then he tells me about the time him and his uncle had a shoot out on a boat with the police.
    (I cannot verify this but the guy is a psycho and I seriously doubt this actually happened)

    so at this point its all psycho babble but its kind of cute in a funny way. Then he scares me he sends me a link to a guys facebook profile and says thats the guy that raped that girl.
    now disclaimer I knew nothing about this guy and that could have been true but this guy is a completely bat **** crazy and so I believed he was making it up.
    at this point I am like okay this guy is clearly dangerous I have no idea what sort of trouble this guy could get me into or problems he could cause I must cut all contact now.

    so I start ignoring him and blocking him he just makes numerous other facebook accounts and twitter accounts and despite me trying to hide myself he always manages to find me dont ask how I dont know how.

    the guy once told me he has an IQ of 40 which again could be complete nonsense or not remember he is psychotic. but where I doubt this is the guy is a genius at tracking people down and I dont know how someone with an IQ of 40 could do that. Mind you stories of dogs finding their way home from hundreds of miles so who knows.

    He once told me he lives on benefits and sheltered accommodation again take with a pinch of salt but considering how crazy he is and his challenges this one is probably true so that means he has 24 hours 7 days a week to work on tracking me down.

    I had changed my number to avoid this guy but today a few years later I get the following message.

    "ok good just trying to get hold of old mates to say sorry for whatever I have done to you in the past arrest changes people been held from XXX" (i wont give out names or personal details here)

    next message
    "yeah take it you read echo man from ****** arrested on suspicion of attempted murder got held 2 days interviewed then realised (probably means released and spelled wrong I am guessing) to **** sychiatrict unit for 5 weeks"
    I am guessing again he messing up his spelling and meand psychiatric?

    okay now making sense of this I think he means he was accused of attempted murder and sectioned for 5 weeks. but later messages say he is not anymore which means he is out.

    again the whole thing could be a phantom of his own mind but maybe not now I am scared this guy has tracked me down in the flesh before and has a way of finding my numbers and where I am.

    What the heck am I supposed to do he is full on psychotic I dont know what to do.

    I blocked his number but I already know from experience he will make a new number I am thinking of lying and telling him I go to a university in Scotland as this is very far away and will delay him from researching where i really am however the hell he does that.

    and maybe he can go looking for me in Scotland for a while. but then when he actually finds me which he will he might just be mad and that might be dangerous.

    Send him one message telling him to stop contacting you and that if he keeps persisting, you will contact the police. Then stop replying. If he keeps contacting you after that, might be worth carrying out that threat, although hopefully it will scare him off.

    Find him and give him a dairy milk

    Is he just finding you through online and stuff or is he actually going out and stalking you and you see him face to face?
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