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Rowing machine beginner - help! watch

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    Hi all, I’m super new to rowing and started to build upper body strength and low-impact cardio. Now, the rower is my favorite machine at the gym. I’ve read lots on respectable rowing times, both 2k and 5k but i’m struggling to find enough info for my specific goals based on my gender (female), height (5’2”), weight (179 pounds), and fitness goals (lose fat, build lean muscle and meet my rowing time goals).

    I’m 5’2”, weight is 179 pounds, and currently i’m rowing a 26 minute 5000m at a 7 drag. I want to get my 5k time to 20 minutes, and my 2k time to 7 minutes. At the same time, I carry a lot of visceral fat in my upper body that I want to lose. I build and lose muscle quickly so too much bulk is always a concern. I’m built like a linebacker (american football lol). My question is, what is the right drag for me to achieve my goals, assuming I’m using proper technique? A side note on technique, I find myself having to rest every 1500 meters to retighten the foot straps, maybe i’m doing something wrong with my leg work- suggestions welcome!!!

    Hey! I've only just started rowing as well so can't answer your question unfortunately, but I've found this site which you might find more useful than TSR.

    I don’t believe that just rowing alone is a good way to reach ANY fitness goal at all. Just stick to a more rounded gym routine and leave rowing for cardio days
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    First of all, don't row at '7 drag'. On the monitor, select 'Other' (or something like that) and navigate to 'Drag Factor'. Pull a few strokes and see what the reading is and then adjust the lever until you get a reading of 115-120. This is a decent setting for someone your size.

    At 5'2" it's highly unlikely that you will get your times to 2k:7' and 5k:20'. These are very good times for a female that has been training for many years and represent a massive increase in power compared to what you're pulling now. Take a look at the concept 2 rankings for UK Junior Women to give you an idea of where to aim.

    Despite what the poster above has said, you can get very fit by using the rowing machine.
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