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To be annoyed at my housemate's boyfriend's moving in? watch

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    It's a breach of her contract to have someone else living there - particularly if he's not a student (in which case they're also committing council tax fraud), but even if he is, it still is against the terms of virtually any tenancy document, and has issues with fire code occupancy requirements etc.

    You should report it to the building management and let them deal with it. The guy will be required to leave and the girl will most likely be allowed to stay but be given a severe warning, and likely charged additional rent for the period he was using the facilities. She may be required to leave herself - that's her fault for conducting illegal activity.

    In any case there is no reason you need to name yourself as the informant - simply advise the management this is occurring but due to the social environment you don't feel comfortable being revealed as the source of the information. They will probably understand.

    Have a serious talk with them before you do anything else. Otherwise, if you do mention it to your landlord or building management chances are they are seriously going to hate you and it will be one hell of an academic year for you.

    (Original post by nutz99)
    And the housemates that moved their boyfriends in are being inconsiderate, selfish and breaking the tenancy agreement. Those boys have no legal right to be there. If those girls want to share with their boyfriends they should have been upfront from the start as I would suspect this was the plan all along.
    Exactly! They are either also paying less rent or no rent at all (and no bills), hardly fair is it??

    No racist but I'm not surprised this was international students.. my friend was in a very similar situation with 2 European girls she shared a luxury student house with at uni. Both had their boyfriends staying over most of the time, living there in fact and every time I went to visit her was couples hogging the common areas. Eventually I told her to tell the landlord and they were forced to get their bfs to arrange alt accommodation (turns out they already had houses just not fancy ones like she was paying for!)

    Who owns the property? The Uni or a private landlord? Either way the way to get rid of the illegal occupiers is to let the owners know. If the other girls want to live with their BFs then they should go and get a flat of their own. Student properties are only exempt from Council Tax if everyone living there is a student. The non students could find themselves owing the Local Authority a lot of money were anyone to make an anonymous phone call...
    The girls who have invited their partners to invaded your privacy obviously don't care about your feelings so why bother about theirs? Nip this in the bud now.

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